Upgrade to RNS-510

Upgrade to RNS-510

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Difficulty level: Minor

Total Time Required: 1 1/2 Hours

If you are currently searching to upgrade your car head unit, RNS-510 is one of the top solutions for you and the retrofit is almost plug-n-play.

Looking at ebay we found several types of RNS 510 with different hardware A, B, C and capabilities. We also found that the top C version had two other subproductions, the only difference being the screen. TFT-LCD or LED. In order to separate the RNS510 with the LED display, the top right button has been changed to a star.

Due to a significant difference in price, and small differences in terms of features in the star version, I preferred the version with the TFT-LCD screen.

I ordered the RNS-510 from ebay and came to my door in 9 days.

Renewal 12/2012: The latest hardware version of the RNS-510 is J. It features a faster processor, LED display, larger disk, improved radio tuner and of course all the functions of previous releases.


The package contained the following items:

1. RNS 510:


2. GPS antenna:

gps antenna

3. V7-2010 Maps DVD

rns510 maps

4. RNS-510 Manual

rns510 manual

5. The converter cable (it is only needed when upgrading from a 2nd generation system to a 3d generation system)


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